The pieces of art making their way out of the home-based studio of MadRiver Tollers Stained Glass are, in the truest sense, works from the heart. They are fashioned by an artist in pursuit of representing peoples’ passions and love for the world around them, as well as their furry companions. From gorgeous landscapes to animal portraits hoping to capture the soul of four-legged friends in the reflection of coloured and textured glass, MadRiver is recreating images of the heart.

Helene took a few stained glass courses in early 1990, driven by a passion for drawing and creating her own art, but also by her desire to create with her hands. As her skill increased, her artistic hobby became a means to express love and interest in family and friends. Requests for dragons from her grandson, a chickadee scene from her daughter, and the creation of her mother’s beloved cat in the form of glass all began a practice of glass making for love.

MadRiver Tollers Stained Glass studios currently accepts commissions of all styles, shapes, breeds, and species, hoping to create a piece of art that speaks to your heart with each glimpse.

VISIT WWW.MADRIVERTOLLERS.COM for more pictures and information.

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