The Dog House

When considering various neighbourhoods around the Capital, wouldn’t it be good to know about reputable dog businesses in those areas? For example, you will need a veterinarian, maybe a groomer, perhaps a boarding place or doggie daycare to amuse your pooch while you’re at work for long hours.

What about doggie school? Does your pooch need to brush up on his or her manners? Or maybe you’d like to get involved in a dog sport, such as agility, flyball, obedience, rally, tracking, retriever tests or scent work. What about a dog photographer, a canine masseuse or a neighbourhood dog-friendly cafe.


I’ve put together this database of pet services around the Ottawa area. They are all businesses I have used myself or that come personally recommended to me. Just click on the pawprint for the information you want.

If you know of a business that I should add, please drop me a line.

Boarding and Daycare

Training School



So, how do I know about all this?

I’m more than just a Realtor® with my dog on my business card. I’ve been involved in the dog world in Ottawa for over 30 years. I’ve put more than 25 titles on the various dogs I’ve had over the years and collected hundreds of ribbons, mostly in obedience, retriever tests and conformation but also agility. I’ve had the privilege of training and working with some amazing dogs that have enriched my life immensely and done me proud along the way. My first competition dog was a Scottish Terrier – not a breed known for their obedience skills! Since then I’ve had 5 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. My previous Toller, Spirit, was the #1 Obedience Toller in Canada in 2004. My current partner, Quinn, is the one in my picture.

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